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Furious Jones and the Assasin's Secret



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Praise for Furious Jones...

"In this exciting, rapid-fire mystery, Kehoe introduces Furious Jones, whose father, a bestselling author of spy thrillers, is murdered before Furious’s eyes at an event for his new book. Furious goes on the run, hiding from the CIA and assassins alike, while he unravels his family’s secrets...Right from the start, Kehoe ratchets up the paranoiac tension and adrenaline, while keeping Furious’s successes at least vaguely realistic... this adventure works very well as an over-the-top thriller, one that leaves room for sequels."

- Publishers Weekly


"Furious has been living with his chief-of-police grandfather in peaceful Connecticut since his mother’s recent shooting death. When he hears that his father, a famous author of best-selling spy novels, is giving a speech in New York City, Furious slips away to be there. Hoping to reconnect with the only parent he has left, he instead witnesses his father’s murder, in a manner uncannily like his mother’s. Furious dashes from one plot twist to the next, sparing little time for introspection. Readers caught up in the action will not mind the gaps."

- Kirkus


Vincent Shadow: The Top Secret Toys is now in paperback!



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Praise for Vincent Shadow...

"Vincent is immensely likable..."
- Booklist

"A quick-reading, whimsical tale."
- Publishers Weekly


"Begs for a quick follow-up."
- School Library Journal

"Pick of the List"
- Midwest Booksellers Association

Excerpts from Vincent's invention notebooks